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24 Oct 2007
Query regarding ODBC driver

Hi All, Just i want to know the ODBC driver version higher than will work with teradata V2R4.x.xRegards,Dinesh

famalau 43 posts Joined 08/07
01 Nov 2007

Dinesh,The ODBC Driver for MS-Windows supports Teradata RDBMS V2R4.1.3 and V2R4.2.Hope this helps!



02 Nov 2007

But where i can find the download link for this version because it is not available on teradata site

Daniel M Lark 3 posts Joined 01/08
25 Jan 2008

we've just learned that teradata does not supply an odbc driver for hp unix, 64 bit with the RISC processors (our machine). Therefore we will not be able to connect directly to the emedny (Teradata) DW with our new 64 bit version of informatica until such time that a driver becomes available or we upgrade to new machine or processors.What are our options, if any?

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