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yaragalaramesh 20 posts Joined 06/12
19 Jun 2012
Problem with starting teradata 13.0 service control





    I installed Teradata 13.0 express edition after completion of installation for few days it is working good.

but now it is not working, when i use to start the Teradata service control it is start the services and the sysytem is get restarting and i completly uninstall the teradata and i again install the Teradata but the same problem i am facing. peeeeeeeease help me to solve this problem



Thanks in advance



ah255012 8 posts Joined 07/11
20 Jun 2012



Please try the following command


Goto Start -> Run -> type cmd

Command Prompt opens


In Command Prompt type and enter -> net start recond


I am sure this will help.






Aamir Hussain.

himadeep1991 1 post Joined 09/15
30 Sep 2015

I tried this also but this not working

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