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Andrey.Suvorkin 1 post Joined 02/15
17 Feb 2015
OSX ODBC driver and Excel

I've just installed Teradata ODBC driver on OS X and everything went smooth. But Excel says that there are no ODBC drivers installed in the system.
I configured DSNs and checked that ini files are there. Still the same error.
What else can be checked and/or configured to get it working?

vhari 111 posts Joined 12/08
17 Feb 2015

    MS-Excel/MS-Query need iODBC framework to connect to an external data source like Teradata

    database using ODBC interface.  iODBC framework can be downloaded from,

    Without this framework installed MS-Excel might fail to connect with an error stating

    "No ODBC is installed."

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