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N_Raghu 34 posts Joined 12/13
12 Jul 2016
OLEDB Driver of TD15.10

Are there any plans to release oledb driver for TD 15.10? Because I have SSIS packages that were developed with previous OLEDB version and those SSIS packages are crashing when I open in visual studio

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
13 Jul 2016

TDOLEDB has been discontinued. The final release was 15.0.

N_Raghu 34 posts Joined 12/13
13 Jul 2016

Thank You Fred... Is there any official reference that you could point me to? I would like to share this with my team.


bjavers 1 post Joined 07/16
09 Aug 2016

Any solution on this one?  We have been attempting to use the .net connector however seems like it will work on the initial table create but fails to write subsequent runs.

dbloch 1 post Joined 10/15
15 Aug 2016

.NET Connector seems much slower than old OLEDB connector btw.

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