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25 Mar 2011
ODBC via MS Access

Hello... I am having a problem connecting to our Teradata database using an ODBC connection within MS Access. I'm using Access 2003, and can connect directly using v12.0 of Teradata SQL Assistant. I can connect to all tables I have been granted access to within Teradata SQL Assistant, however when trying to connect via ODBC within Access, I am presented with the error of "[NCR][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata Database] The user does not have any access to the database [my sign-on ID]. (#-3524)"
I have tried more options than I care to count in setting up the connection withing the ODBC Data Source Administrator, mostly changing the Default Database to equal those DB's I have access to. The weird part is.. I have one table linked within Access that works, i.e. I can connect and pull back valid data. However all subsequent attempts to link new tables (even the one I have a valid link for) fail, returning the same error message described above. Another weird thing, instead of listing the Database it says I don't have access to, it lists my sign-on ID no matter which table I try to access. Also, if I purposely enter an invalid password in the ODBC Administrator dialog box, it returns an error of incorrect password, so I would think this is not an communication/connect issue. Any help would be appreciated, as the local support seems to have exhausted their resources in finding a resolution.

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11 Apr 2011

ODBC trace and ODBC driver DSN trace logs can give additional details on the problem. In ODBC DSN trace log, you can find which SQL request(built inside ODBC driver) generated this error.

Please contact Teradata customer support.

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