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giotac 8 posts Joined 11/13
21 Jan 2015
ODBC odbcconf.exe vs ODBC Driver for Teradata Vers.

I hope this is the right place to ask...
In order to define system ODBC DSN we use the following command on various windows platform/version :
odbcconf.exe configsysdsn "Teradata" "DSN=Teradata|Description=Teradata blah blah|DBCName=tdata.xxxxx.local" /Lv c:\temp\o.log
It work fine with with ODBC driver version 14 and do not work anymore using ODBC version, why?
Do not work anymore on Win 2003 nor Window 2012.
I have read the ODBC's readme file without help on this issue, it's a know problem?
Thank you and ciao

giotac 8 posts Joined 11/13
22 Jan 2015

I do not know how people are dealing with thousand of pc to prepare and configure with teradata ODBC connection.
We use to above command so to us is very imporant that the command odbcconf.exe work as expected otherwyse we can't upgrade to version 15.00.
On this forum nobody had such problem installing ODBC driver 15.00 :-/

wmmiteff 20 posts Joined 02/11
23 Jan 2015

I use powershell to create the registry entries for all my DSNs on windows servers, we have a couple hundred servers with windows based TTU.  The last installationation we rolled out, which is to several thousand machines, we setup both 32 and 64 bit DSNs with a custom MSI files that writes the registry entries.
Registry locations - system DSN

  • hkey_local_machine\software\odbc\odbc.ini
  • hkey_local_machine\software\wow6432node\odbc\odbc.ini

New DSNs are listed as seperate keys and all settings are saved under the key.  When new versions of ODBC come out, We create a new DSN with all the settings we desire then look at the registry to see what is set and modify the code for the processes above accordingly.

vhari 111 posts Joined 12/08
23 Jan 2015

Giovanni : Can you please submit an incident to Teradata Customer Services to fix this issue.

giotac 8 posts Joined 11/13
06 Feb 2015

@ vhari finally I was able to access TAYS and the incident is RECGC4NME
@ wmmiteff thank you for sharing

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