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ArunaMuthusamy 1 post Joined 07/13
19 Sep 2013

While trying to set-up Oracle Transparent Gateway on redhat Linux 6.4(64 bit system), we are getting the following error.
ORA-28500: connection from ORACLE to a non-Oracle system returned this message: [DataDirect][ODBC lib] Specified driver could not be loaded {IM003} ORA-02063: preceding 2 lines from TERADATA
 Here’s the exact version of GSS,CLIV2 and TDICU installed.
cliv2 Teradata CLIV2 Library
TeraGSS_redhatlinux-i386 Teradata GSS client package
tdodbc Teradata ODBC driver Package
tdicu Shared common components for Internationalization for Teradata
Despite installing the TTUpackage twice, we are getting the same error.
Oracle support team says ‘The libs you have listed are not the correct libs to run with the gateway. They are not compatible to run with the gateway. Get the Cliv2 that’s compatible with Oracle Gateway  from downloads.Teradata ‘.
Has anyone else faced the same issue? I see the latest Cliv2 on the site is cliv2_LINUX_indep. . Can we install cliV2 14 with other TTU13 utilities package(BTEQ,FASTEXPORT,FASTLOAD,MLOAD,TPT) Or all the client packages should be 14?
Any help would be greatly appreciated?

emilwu 72 posts Joined 12/07
24 Sep 2013

check the bit version of data direct (64/32), 
download the correct bit version of Teradata odbc/gss/icu
show your odbcini file. 

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