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21 Sep 2010
ODBC driver (32-bit) installation on 64-bit machine

I have a 64-bit operating system on a server running Windows Server 2008 R2. I am attempting to create a 32-bit ODBC connection for BusinessObjects XI 3.2. I located the SysWOW64/odbcad32 application to create the 32-bit connection. The Teradata 12 ODBC driver was loaded on the server using the install program but the Teradata ODBC driver does not show up on the list of available drivers for the 32-bit connection, only for the 64-bit connection.

We have installed and uninstalled and tried lots of options to get this to run. Any help or suggestions will be welcome.


Darrick S 6 posts Joined 10/09
21 Sep 2010


The tdodbc 12.0 driver is NOT supported on Windows Server 2008 R2. WS2008 R2 was first supported for tdodbc version 13.

Please download tdodbc. or later.


pcavanaugh 3 posts Joined 12/09
22 Sep 2010

I have successfully created a 32 bit ODBC data source by using the following steps. I hope this information will be helpful for others.


1. Download the ODBC driver for the version of Teradata that is installed. The following site should have the appropriate driver:

NOTE: the TTU 12.0 Windows-i-386 tdodbc. driver returns an error with the terasso library when the driver is selected in the ODBC Data Source Administrator. This driver is not supported on Windows Server 2008 R2.

Download the TTU 13.0 Windows-i386 tdodbc. driver from the web site above. Teradata 13 ODBC driver is backward compatible with Teradata 12. The remaining instructions are for installing the Teradata 13 ODBC driver and are working on a Teradata 12 installation.

NOTE: the following steps must be performed by a user with administrative rights to the computer on which the install is being performed.

2. The download file is a zipped file and should be saved on the hard drive of the machine on which it is to be installed. The zipped file contains three components that must be installed in the following order: Teradata GSS Client, ICU Library and ODBC driver.
3. Extract all from tdodbc__WINDOWS_i386. Select the directory in which the zipped file is located from the Browse window. For ease of locating the files for the components, create a subdirectory for each of two components (GSS, ICU)
4. Extract all from TeraGSS__windows_i386. into the GSS subdirectory by selecting it in the Browse window during the install. Right click the setup.exe icon and choose “Run as Administrator” to install.
5. Extract all from tdicu__windows_i386. into the ICU subdirectory by selecting it in the Browse window during the install. Open the DISK1 directory. Right click the setup.exe icon and choose “Run as Administrator” to install.
6. Navigate to the directory in which the original zipped file was stored. Right click on tdodbc__windows_i386. and choose “Run as Administrator” to install the ODBC driver.
7. Navigate to the c:\Windows\SysWOW64 directory. Click on the odbcad32 application. This will open the ODBC Data Source Administrator for 32-bit drivers on the 64-bit server. NOTE: The ODBC Data Source Administrator that is located by clicking Start and Administrative Tools will only create 64-bit ODBC connections.
8. Click on the System DSN tab
9. Click on Add to create a new Data Source
10. Select Teradata then click Finish
11. Enter the Data Source name, Description and the Name or IP address of the Teradata Server to which the connection is to be made. Click OK
12. Your 32-bit ODBC data source is now ready for use

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30 Nov 2010

I ran into a similar problem. Trying to get Visio 2007 to connect to Teradata VM13 on the same Win 7, 64-bit OS. I had installed the 64-bit ODBC drivers and Visio would not connect because it only uses 32-bit ODBC. I had to uninstall all the TDat ODBC drivers and reinstall the 32-bit ODBC drivers to get it to work. Now I can reverse engineer my Teradata tables to ERD in Visio. Much cheaper than ErWin too.

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08 Apr 2011

@pcavanaugh - Great! Thanks for the post. Worked for me. :)

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18 Aug 2011

greeeatt!! works for me to thanks a lot a lot!!

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16 Feb 2012


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