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pjonas 1 post Joined 10/09
30 Apr 2013
ODBC call failed error - windows 7 64 bit machine

I have installed Teradata 13.1 on a new machine. It appeared to install correctly. It is using Windoes 7 enterprise with a 64 bit operating system. When I attempt to use it I get an ODBC Call Failed error. Ideas?

AlexQuiroz 5 posts Joined 10/13
04 Nov 2013

Hello, I have same problems, your questions opened 30 apr now is november, please let me know, how did you solution??
download CLIV2 (cliv2,tdicu,teraGSS) : Cliv2_WINDOWS_i386.
JDBC: TeraJDBC__indep_indep.
DRIVER:  tdodbc__windows_i386.
please say me what is order or sequence of install
more after I have configure DSN with .exe of sysWOW folder
thank you for your help,

veehell 19 posts Joined 07/12
06 Nov 2013

Hi mates,
when posting something leading to an error, post the error message, so we can dig out what is the root cause. From the writings it seems, you have some issues with client tools/libraries/utilities or post-configuration.

When installing Teradata client tools i usually go by this order:

1. tdICU

2. tdGSS

3. tdCLIv2

4. Teradata .NET provider

5. Teradata ODBC/JDBC drivers

6. Teradata PIOM (Teradata Data Connector)

7. CLI tools 

8. GUI tools 


You have to run "ODBC" administrator (default one or that suplied by TD) within your client OS and add/configure your SYSTEM or/and USER DSN to reflect your Teradata database configuration. After you can use it. So if you are not so familiar with ODBC, you can try it via JDBC by using Teradata Studio(Express).


If you are concern about the 64 vs 32bit, do not hesitate to try 32bit (i386) packages first.




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