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David.Roth 5 posts Joined 05/09
07 Apr 2014
.net not showing tables/view list in SSIS

have .net installed successfully. Can connect just fine , but when setting up a connection in SSIS is will not popluate the table/view list dropdown box.
I do have use x views set to false and no deafault database, so not sure why it would not pull data dictionary info

NetFx 346 posts Joined 09/06
11 Apr 2014

Did you install the .NET Data Provider for Teradata after installing the SQL Server 2012 Data Tools (SSDT)? 
SSDT is just Visual Studio 2010 Shell. The .NET Data Provider for Teradata installation adds Registry Entries to the Visual Studio key; but it will not add the registry entries when it does not detect Visual Studio. Thus the .NET Data Provider for Teradata must be installed after SQL Server Data Tools.
I just ran few tests with SSDT 2012 and the .NET Data Provider for Teradata I used the Server Explorer to create a Data Connection to Teradata; Server Explorer displayed Tables, Views and etc. I also downloaed and installed the Teradata Developer Tools for Visual Studio. it all works as expected. I also created a SSIS ADO.NET Data connection. Note the Data Provider does not integrate with SSDT; it integrates with Visual Studio 2010 shell.

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