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MadMac 14 posts Joined 10/04
17 Dec 2013
Mac/OSx TTU or CLI Target or Release Dates?

Does anyone know the Target Date or Release Date for an OSx TTU release? 

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
17 Dec 2013

Hi Michael,
i just checked the patch server and found a "MacOSX Suite" with an availability date of yesterday :-)


MadMac 14 posts Joined 10/04
19 Dec 2013

Thank you Deiter! I have confirmed this installs and bteq logons work from under MacOS... 
There was a minor problem with the DLYD_LIBRARY_PATH variable not getting set appropriately - because it was aready set (the lib path was not appened to the existing variable, oviously the installer assumed the variable was not in use) 
Thank you Teradata!!!

Badri_V23 2 posts Joined 05/15
07 May 2015

Hi, Can you please tell me if TTU is available for MAC ? My requirement is to run BTEQ from Also, I could not find "MacOSX Suite" anywhere. Can you please provide the link ?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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