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developer9 3 posts Joined 04/12
01 Sep 2015
Login Failure for connection to severner name through SQL developer ..

Hi All,
I tried connecting through SQL developer for TERADATA db ..I am having following error message when making a new connection
"Status :Failure-Test Failed :[Teradata JDBC Driver][TeraJDBC 15:00:00:28][Error 1000] [SQL State 08S01] Login failure to connection to servername timestamp"
I added the TERADATA plugin as mentioned in the manuals.
Please let me know any idea to resolve this issue

flash7gordon 29 posts Joined 05/10
02 Sep 2015

Are you using native Teradata authentication or LDAP authentication for the id itself?   Also could you be a little more specific about what SQL developer is.  Is that the Teradata client, Microsoft client, ...?

tomnolan 594 posts Joined 01/08
03 Sep 2015

The most likely cause of that error is that you specified the wrong hostname for the Teradata Database.
If you need further troubleshooting assistance, please provide the complete exception message and stack trace.

developer9 3 posts Joined 04/12
09 Sep 2015

Thank you all for the replies 
I downloaded a current version of Oracle SQL Developer and using all default settings ANSI mode
I am able to set up the connections now ..Issue resolved 

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