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rogerc 13 posts Joined 04/10
25 May 2010
loaded fails with teradata odbc driver for x8664 on windows 2003

It works perfect with x86 odbc driver, but failed with x8664 odbc driver.

Does anyone has suggestion on this issue? I had installed tdicu, teragss and td odbc driver.

Error message is 'Specified driver could not be loaded due to system error 126 (Teradata)'

shimpeko 8 posts Joined 04/10
27 May 2010

Did you remove the x86 version before installing x64 version? I've heard that these two version of odbc driver cannot co-exsist on one system.

Ramu 5 posts Joined 05/09
30 May 2010

No need to remove x86 version. Both versions can co-exist on a on Windows 2003.

Probably, a new session after the installation should help to get rid of this error.
Check if you have installed 64-bit versions of tdicu and TeraGSS.

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