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satya.js 1 post Joined 05/12
29 Apr 2013
Load data into Teradata from SQL Server

Hi gurus,
I have an application where i have to download data from Teradata into SQL Server, update data in SQL Server and push it back to Teradata server.
I am able to import data from Teradata into SQL server using SQL Bulk Copy. I am trying to see how to push data to Teradata.
I have tried multiple ways but nothing seems to be working for me. I want to Bulk load data into Teradata from SQL.
1. Should i export the data from SQL Server to file and then Bulk load into Teradata?
2. If I want to open a reader and push the data directly to Teradata, what are my options?
Which option would be faster?
Thanks in advance

SuSeSi 61 posts Joined 10/08
30 Apr 2013

You can use Teradata OLE DB Access Module to bulk copy data from Teradta to SQL Server or reverse. You can use GUI tool to setup batch process too. 


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