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26 Nov 2013
LDAP Authorization and Simple Binds

Hello everybody,
I need to configure LDAP Authorization using the native directory schema. 
I already configured LDAP Authentication using simple binds and an Identity Search (since I needed to look for the sAMAccountName in the Active Directory).
I have created the DIT and inserted a Directory Group (which contains a Directory User) into the Roles container. But when I execute the tdsbind command with the directory user, it finds the user but not the role it has assigned. Yes, the role is created as an external role in Teradata Database. 
Bonus question: tdsbind does a bind between AD and Teradata? I mean, if a directory user is in a group of names which is in the role container, tdsbind checks in Teradata that an external role matches the name of the role in the role container?
Thanks in advance for the help.

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01 Dec 2013

Did you have a look at these links?
under security administration:
, and also

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My wiki:
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