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david.rath 3 posts Joined 05/11
08 Jun 2011
JDBC Select Query not returning the correct character set

I have just complete some testing with a application I have made using the JDBC teradata driver. However, when I read from my resultset it appears that I lose non standard characters such as (± ¼ »). These are typically used within xml which is what I am also retrieving from the database, and they return as question marks, with an int value of 65533.
The values themselves are correctly shown in Teradata SQL assistant.
I have also tried creating a mysql database, which I could return the same characters from successfully.
The only thing I can put it down to is the teradata driver, textformatting, or possibly my tables.

Here is the column setup if it helps:

Can anyone help me with this?

david.rath 3 posts Joined 05/11
08 Jun 2011

solved it. I needed to set my charset to utf16

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