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fclerc 3 posts Joined 10/08
27 May 2011
JDBC - MultiStatement with the "execute" method

I have to execute several SQL request in parrallel.
Can you confirm me if the "execute" JDBC Method (with all my requests in parameter) will execute all the requests in parrallel or in sequential ?


tomnolan 594 posts Joined 01/08
31 May 2011

When your application uses the Statement/PreparedStatement execute method to execute a multi-statement request, the Teradata JDBC Driver sends the entire multi-statement request to the Teradata Database.

It is entirely up to the Teradata Database whether the individual statements are executed in parallel or not. It is not under the control of the Teradata JDBC Driver at all.

david.rath 3 posts Joined 05/11
08 Jun 2011

To avoid the issue of sending very large sql statements I just used multiple threads, then teradata will handle them as seperate connections and it runs alot faster. Using xp though I seem to slow down at 10 connections.

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