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jld@fitc 14 posts Joined 04/12
01 Mar 2013
Jdbc Driver < > Teradata Instance Version Level Compatibility

Hi there,
I am still looking for a kind a compatibility table between Jdbc driver version level and Instance version level.
I would reckon jdbc drivers are not expected to be upward compatible (ie: using V12 versus instance level V14) and that it would be recommended to align Jdbc version level to Instance version level.
So should one stick to something like :
     jdbc version                    instance version               compatibility
           12                                      12                                  ok
           12                                      13                                   ?
           13                                      13                                  ok
           13                                      14                                   ?
           14                                      14                                  ok
thanks for hint

tomnolan 594 posts Joined 01/08
01 Mar 2013

I'm not sure what you mean by "Instance". I will take a guess that you mean the Teradata Database version.
Our Supported Platforms matrix, published here on Developer Exchange, lists the compatibility between Teradata JDBC Driver versions and Teradata Database versions:
Generally speaking, our policy is for each version of the Teradata JDBC Driver to support the corresponding Teradata Database (termed "current") and the previous four Teradata Database releases (termed "back 4") and the upcoming four Teradata Database releases (termed "forward 4").
back 4 + current + forward 4
So Yes, we do provide forwards compatibility between old Teradata JDBC Driver releases and newer Teradata Database releases.

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