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merchanth 1 post Joined 09/13
01 Oct 2013
JDBC Driver - INSERT into TeraData tables shows SELECT from DBC.TABLES and HELP Statements

We are using JDBC Driver for our connectivity to Teradata 13.10 version. What we are observing is that for every INSERT statement into a table in TeraData the logs show multiple SELECT .... FROM DBC.TABLES, ... DBC.COLUMNS and HELP statements.
These SELECT and HELP calls for the schema are slowing down our performance with the database extensively. I have tried using parameters with our connection such as USEXVIEWS=ON which has helped a bit to reduce the time but still quite a high for simple INSERTs into the tables.
Can anyone help if there is a way to prevent or eliminate these SELECTs and HELP statements prior to the INSERTS using this JDBC Driver?
We have used JDBC drivers in the past with other DBs such as Oracle and never faced this issue.

tomnolan 594 posts Joined 01/08
02 Oct 2013

First, USEXVIEWS=ON will slow down DatabaseMetaData queries, so do not specify that to improve performance.
Second, for INSERT operations, the Teradata JDBC Driver does not execute any queries against the Data Dictionary, and does not execute any HELP commands.
The Teradata JDBC Driver executes queries against the Data Dictionary, and HELP commands, when your application calls DatabaseMetaData methods.
My guess is that your application is calling DatabaseMetaData methods before every INSERT operation. I recommend that you inspect your application and scrutinize all calls to DatabaseMetaData methods.

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