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Mike M 2 posts Joined 01/15
05 Jan 2015
JDBC connection via VPN vs non-VPN

I created a java program that connects to Teradata and performs a few simple Sql statements against some dbc.* tables.  The program loops through 5 or 6 iterations of java code and Terdata reads before it suddenly halts due to not having the next line of data available (, although there is data from the Sql statement that still hasn't processed yet.
This only happens when I run it from a VPN connection.  When run on a unix box or from a direct lan connection, the program runs fine.
I think the VPN slows the result set returning from Teradata while the program has already executed the next read command before it's available.  I'm not using threading but am wondering if I should be. 
Anyone know of any connection options that might get around this? 

tomnolan 594 posts Joined 01/08
06 Jan 2015

This kind of problem hasn't been reported before, so we don't know the cause, and therefore can't recommend connection options to avoid the problem.
The first step is to troubleshoot what is happening. This is probably too complicated to troubleshoot in a forum thread. If you're a customer, then please open an incident with Teradata Customer Service.

Mike M 2 posts Joined 01/15
06 Jan 2015

When I step through the program in Eclipse line by line I don't see the issue.  Of course it's running much slower then and has time to process the results from the Teradata connection.  I'll try to narrow it down more and open an incident request if I don't get anywhere.    -thanks Tom

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