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28 Aug 2014
JDBC Connection to Teradta 14 best practices for high volumn.

To whom it may concern,
The dev team here are trying to implementing the solution for publishing medium/high volumn of the data into Teradata database (insert and update statements @ around  /hour) via jdbc transaction.
The connection string that's used is normal JDBC Connection string:
jdbc:teradata://STETSTADWAPP02/Database=D101_PROC_APP without any parameter append at the end of the string.
The main problem that we are currently encountered is:
- The database table dead lock (according to the Teradata team, this could be due to the insert/update statement doesn't close the session)
Here I am after the best practice of the jdbc connection string for teradata and try to explore the way how can the connection pool and the session can be controlled.
Warren Chen

tomnolan 594 posts Joined 01/08
29 Aug 2014

Deadlock would not be caused by failing to close a session.
Deadlock is caused by lock contention; specifically, two or more sessions attempting to acquire locks that other sessions hold.
Avoiding database deadlocks is a large and complex topic.
Unfortunately, there is not any JDBC Connection parameter that will automatically help you avoid deadlocks. Your application must be carefully designed from the beginning to minimize lock contention and deadlocks. If your existing application has a problem with deadlocks, then your application will proabably need to be redesigned.

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