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Sleipner 4 posts Joined 03/11
04 Dec 2014
Is it possible to connect to Teradata from Excel without installing Teradata drivers?

I'm trying to build an Excel self-service tool front end for a Teradata database, but the end users will not have any Teradata drivers installed on their machines.  Is it possible to use a generic ODBC connection, and if so, does someone know what connect string to use for an ADODB recordset?

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
04 Dec 2014

If there's no Teradata ODBC driver there's no connection. 


NetFx 346 posts Joined 09/06
04 Dec 2014

It depends on the definition of "without installing Teradata Drivers."
You can build an office application or an office add-in with the .NET Data Provider for Teradata. You can add the .NET Data Provider assemblies (two DLLs) to your application binaries and deploy your application without "installing" the Teradata Drivers.

Sleipner 4 posts Joined 03/11
05 Dec 2014

That sounds like something someone should have already written - a simple, basic Excel add-in that would provide the capability of connecting to Teradata (or Oracle, or other databases).  I'm sure lots of organizations want to be able to deploy spreadsheets that pull data from that kind of organization but don't install those drivers on everyone's machines...

tomnolan 594 posts Joined 01/08
05 Dec 2014

Software to access a database is neither "simple" or "basic".

teradatauser2 236 posts Joined 04/12
08 Dec 2014

No, one needs to have odbc connection to connect to TD either through sql assist or excel (as diether mentioned). I have developed one tool using excel and automated a report in excel that connect to TD and i am using it. I am sure if you have users conneting to TD now, they would have some tool to do so..

Sunny445 14 posts Joined 06/12
30 Dec 2014

what tool is it ? can we use it

seeni18 1 post Joined 03/15
24 Jan 2016

Hi Sleipner,
Were you able to arrive at solution for this problem?
I am also looking for similar solution.. your guidance is highly appreciative.

NetFx 346 posts Joined 09/06
25 Jan 2016

Are you writing an Excel Add-in with C# or VB.NET? if yes, then you can use the .NET Data Provider for Teradata for connectivity to the Teradata Database; and privately deploy the two Assemblies (Teradata.Client.Provider.dll and Teradata.Net.Security.Tdgss.dll) with you Add-in as though they are part of your add-in. You do not need to install the .NET Data Provider package on every desktop.

padhia 35 posts Joined 06/10
29 Jan 2016

Have you looked at Teradata REST Services ( This solution will still requires Teradata REST services to be configured and running, but no per-user installation of Teradata drivers are required. I haven't used REST API and EXCEL combination myself so can't promise success, but if you search on internet, there are references to people using Excel and REST API in general to retrieve data. 

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