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ddesore 5 posts Joined 10/08
10 Oct 2008
Install Teradata SQL Assistant

I am trying to install SQL Assistant7.1 but am getting the error - "Teradata SQL Assistant not supported on 64 bit Windows".Can anyone please provide information/link to resolve this issue ? Or if some kind of a patch exists ?Thanks,

ddesore 5 posts Joined 10/08
13 Oct 2008

Till now 36 people viewed but none replied :( ... Does it mean this problem is a very new one that most of the people didn't hear about it before ?

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
14 Oct 2008

You didn't specify on which OS you tried to install it. If it's on a 64-bit Windows, then the error is self-explaining.Else ...Btw, 7.1 is a quite old version, try 12 from the demo version instead and see if it works.Dieter


ddesore 5 posts Joined 10/08
20 Oct 2008

Thanks Dieter. I'll try installing version 12. Also, the first line of my original post itself says "64 bit Windows". Will update with the outcome of installing SQL-12.

ddesore 5 posts Joined 10/08
27 Oct 2008

Still not able to install on 64bit windows. I also tried installing CLI compatible with 64bit windows but no use. Is it that Teradata utility softwares are incompatible with 64bit ?

Pregasen 1 post Joined 08/10
31 May 2012

Have you resolved this ? I'm experiencing same issue with Teradata SQL ASS 12 installation on a 64 bit Windows Server 2008 R2.

The installation process confirms that SQL assistant was installed, but it is not to be found anywhere on the machine. Is there any dependances I'm missing prior to SQL Assistant 12 installation ?


31 May 2012

hi Pregasen id love an answer to this one too, although I tried to install the 32 bit windows version and I didnt get the sql assistant to work, something to do with the .net 4 problem. No fixes released yet to resolve this issue.

My husband after discovering this not so known issue managed to get another version of SQL assistance (12.0) to work on my machine, however it will not let me connect to any databases.

So we then downloaded a Java version of SQL assistant to my pc, however this to is refusing to work.

In total frustration (after 2 weeks of trying to get the thing to work) I decided to download the VM version of the application (after downloading the vmplayer) and now it is saying it wont work on my machine.

If anyone can tell me how i can get my version of SQL Assistance 13.0 to work I would be eternally grateful.


MikeDempsey 94 posts Joined 10/06
31 May 2012

First of all SQL Assistant (all versions) is a 32 bit application.
That said, you should be able to install it on a 64 bit Windows system as it will use the 'WOW' (Windows on Windows) feature.
(This may not apply to very old versions that were never designed for 64 bit install)

Version 13 + have very different requirements from 12.0 and earlier.

In all cases you must install the 32bit versions of the support packages. (ICU, TeraGSS and ODBC)

If you use 13.0 or higher you must also install Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0, SP1.
(14.01 requires Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5, SP1)

If you want to connect via Teradata.Net (faster and additional functionality) you must also install the .Net Data Provider for Teradata. 

I would suggest you download the latest efix for the version you are installing. (I dont remember if the base versions of 13.0 or 12.0 supported installation on 64bit systems as these were 4 and 5 years ago.)

The latest versions are 14.01,,
(13.11.x is for TTU 13.10, 14.01 is for TTU 14.0)

01 Jun 2012

thank you Mike, I have got it to work, downloaded the .net data provided for Teradata and that has appeared to fix it. Thank you.


ah255012 8 posts Joined 07/11
20 Jun 2012



Instead of using SQL Assistant you can use Teradata Express Studio 14.0, Teradata SQL Assistant have issues on 64-Bit OS.


You can download Teradata Express Studio 14.0 from the Teradata Developer Exchange Downloads.


Or use the below link:






Aamir Hussain.

NetFx 346 posts Joined 09/06
20 Jun 2012

I have been using the Teradata SQL Assistant (13.0 and higher) on the Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x64. The general "Teradata SQL Assistant have issues on 64-Bit OS" statement is incorrect. You should open an incident to report any specific installation issue or describe your issue; FUD does not help anyone.

alex2012 1 post Joined 07/12
06 Jul 2012

Can i know what's the different between JDBC and ODBC in teradata express studio?i can't configure my database sucessfully in teradata express studio.

pkebets 1 post Joined 10/12
30 Oct 2012

I can't install Teradata Utilities- (which includes the Teradata SQL Assistant) on windows7/64bit.
When I execute setup.exe I'm prompted by windows security asking if I want to allow process. After allowing the process to run, I don't get any installer windows or prompts, however I can see setup process running in the processes list. Any ideas how to resolve that and install the darn thing? :(

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