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31 Aug 2011
How to Datastage 8.1 connection to Teradata 12.0


   Datastage8.1 install SUSE 10 64-bit

   Teradata install vm on SUSE 10 64-bit

In the DS server i install the TD ODBC driver. also used the ./adhoc can connect to the TD  and can execute the SQL command. but i don't know two the configuration the ODBC and the env on the DS server?


I already configuration.

    1) on the DS server ...../dsenv configuration the LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/teradata/client/13.10/odbc_64/ lib

                                                                               TD_ICU_DATA=/opt/teradata/client/13.10/tdicu/lib; export TD_ICU_DATA
                                                                               NLSPATH=/opt/teradata/client/13.10/odbc_64/msg/%N; export NLSPATH

    2) . ./dsenv

         also used the env commnad. see the enviroment variable had effect


    3) i copy the TD sample   following information in the DS DSEngine/.odbc.ini

Description=Teradata running Teradata V1R5.2

     4) also configuration the projoect uvodbc.config


    5) stop the DS engine


    6) start the DS engine


   Used the DS Desinger the ODBC driver import the TABLE DEFINICATION .the error : not the driver

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