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richa.prvr 9 posts Joined 09/12
27 Jun 2014
How to Connect Teradata with Informatica ?

I have installed teradata express 14.10 edition in vmware player. I can logon using dbc/dbc and also can access it using Teradata express studio from windows 7. I have downloaded Informatica from on  windows 7. But now I am bit perplexed , as don't know how to connect the informatica with Teradata 14.00 in VMware player. As while installing it is not showing the database type Teradata. Can anyone please guide me with the steps to download and install informatica for teradata
:( .

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
27 Jun 2014

Not lately, I did the Teradata -Informatica connection set up.

Hope you have Teradata driver ready. 


From Windows Control Panel.........


Open ODBC Source Administrator, where you see "User DSN","System DSN" .......... Select System DSN and click Add and you will see a dialogue box where Teradata is mentioned. Scroll down below if you do not see it. Click finish.


Fill in the details of ODBC Driver Setup.....Name(any name say ABCDEF), Description any,IP,......

Click ok.


Check and see in "ODBC Source Administrator" if your ABCDEF say is there or not.


Next go to Then in Informatica, you can select Import from Database.... from Source


You can check you odbc.ini file too if they are as you require.

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