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23 Apr 2014
How do you connect to a DB View with OData in Visual Studio?

Does anyone know how to connect to a DB View with OData service in Visual Studio? I can connect to DB tables, as in the tutorial: Creating an OData service using .NET Data Provider for Teradata ( creating-an-odata-service-using-net-data-provider-for- teradata). But I cannot select a particular View.
I found article "Specifying Views In the Entity Data Model (EDM) Wizard" specifying-views-in-the-entity-data-model-edm-wizard, but it's from 2011 and is very cumbersome and frankly out of my expertise. I would think there is an easier way by now. Does anyone know or have been able to connect to a view relatively easily?
I am using both VS2010, Win7, .NET Data Provider for Teradata 14.11 release. I also have VS2012, but that does not even list Teradata as an installed product (topic of another post).

NetFx 346 posts Joined 09/06
23 Apr 2014

Sorry, there is no other workaround for Views (vs. Tables). However you can create an entity based on a "Defining Query": . This limitation is related to the Data Dictionary DBC.ColumnsV[X] in the Teradata Database. It does not return Column Metadata for Views.

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