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tmw 7 posts Joined 04/15
06 Mar 2016
Excel 2016 VBA Connection

We use Excel 2010 VBA connections to run Teradata scripts (both inserts of data from Excel to user tables and selects to populate excel from teradata tables).  The VBA is like this:
Public Function Teradata_Connection()
Dim constr
pwd = frmTDconnection.txtPwd.Text
uid = frmTDconnection.txtUsr.Text
On Error GoTo Invalid
constr = "Driver={Teradata};DBCNAME=oneview;UID=" & uid & ";PWD=" & pwd & ";"
Set Cn = New ADODB.Connection
Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset
If Cn.State <> 1 Then
    Cn.ConnectionTimeout = 60
    Cn.CommandTimeout = 3600
    Cn.Open constr
End If
Teradata_Connection = True
Exit Function
MsgBox ("There was error number " & Err.Number & ".  This is " & Err.Description & ".")
Exit Function
End Function
Since my Office 2016 upgrade, it no longer works.  I get the error message:
"There was error number -214217843.  This is [Teradata][ODBC Teradata Driver] Not enough information to log on."
Any ideas on how to fix it?

tmw 7 posts Joined 04/15
07 Mar 2016

Also, the project has Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.8 Library and Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects Recordset 2.8 Library as available references.  These were required for it to work in Excel 2010, and it creates a different error when they are not enables in Excel 2016 (e.g. the macro won't compile).

stuffie0912 4 posts Joined 06/10
09 May 2016

I am also having similiar issue.
We had Office 2010 and when i upgraded the same day to 2016 my vba no longer can connect to our teradata.

tmw 7 posts Joined 04/15
09 May 2016

I hear it's a Microsoft level issue that's being addressed via a patch process.  I still haven't been through a fix, but it's supposed to be arriving soon for me.

tman8216 1 post Joined 08/16
02 Aug 2016

was there any updates on a patch for 2016 to fix the connectivity issue?

kenwill77 2 posts Joined 08/16
08 Aug 2016

Has there been an update to this yet? Is there truly a MSFT patch to resolve this? We are experiencing the same issue.

tmw 7 posts Joined 04/15
09 Aug 2016

I had an update where the connection was working great in Excel 2016, and everything was great.  Then, just last week there was an update that returned to the same problem, and I'm back to installing and using Excel 2010 as a workaround.
I suspect people are working on it, but the last time it took quite a while to get an update rolled out.

kenwill77 2 posts Joined 08/16
01 Sep 2016

I found out that Microsoft is working on a patch that they expect to release Mid-September.

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