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Fdaoed 2 posts Joined 01/15
24 Apr 2015
Excel 2013 (32 bit) - Teradata ODBC Connectivity issue

I'm new to the forum.
I am trying to connect to Teradata Database via Teradata ODBC in Excel 2013 (32 bit).
When I click on the Teradata DSN I keep on getting the following message : [Teradata][ODBC Teradata Driver] Not enough information to log on
The same DSN works fine if I use it to connect to Teradata via SQL Assistant.
Has anyone ran across this issue and a recommended fix ?

mitnageek 2 posts Joined 05/09
30 Apr 2015

I am having the same problem. Excel is 64 bit, 2013. I have two dsn set up 32 bit and 64 bit. SQL assistant is working fine via 32 bit. But Excel always giving "Not enough information to log on"
Saw a post from another user tracing this to a problem in teraSSO.dll, and they solved by replacing that with terasso from 14.10 drivers. 
Unfortunately, I do not have 14.10 drivers available to test, if you do ... do.

mitnageek 2 posts Joined 05/09
01 May 2015

I have now reverted to 32 bit office but that has not got rid of the problem. I have not been able to find 14.1 terasso.dll file and tried to install an old copy of 13.  This has not resolved the problem but has added a new error message "Cannot find terasso library" when I try to connect through excel data wizards. Naturally, Business objects and SQL Assistant are continuing to work just fine.
Does no-one have any solution(s) for this?
"Cannnot find terasso" seems to be an old issue relating to a failure to update "PATH", according to t'interweb ... but I'm not sure what to do to resolve that.

a-yuyasu 1 post Joined 04/15
17 Feb 2016

Hi, I am the same issue, any assistance would be great.

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
18 Feb 2016

Multiple issues are listed above. What versions of ODBC, Excel, etc. are you having an issue with, and specifically what error indication do you receive?

babaji001 1 post Joined 02/16
19 Feb 2016

i am facing below issue while connecting from informatica to teradata can any one help me please

Severity Timestamp Node Thread Message Code Message

ERROR 2/19/2016 5:25:09 PM node01_Nirankar READER_1_1_1 RR_4036 Error connecting to database [

[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified

Database driver error...

Function Name : Connect

Database driver error...

Function Name : Connect

Database Error: Failed to connect to database using user [dbc] and connection string [].].

16 Mar 2016

recently msoffice is updated to 2013 64 bit and when ms office was 2010 , 32 bit. I was able to connect the teradata database using MS access and Excel . after the update , I'm getting following error.
[microsoft] [odbc driver manager] data source name not found.
The teradata version we have is v2r14 and teradata sql assistance is working fine with odbc32 bit version.
Please help

NetFx 346 posts Joined 09/06
21 Mar 2016

You need to create a new Data Source with the 64-bit ODBC Data Source Administrator.  

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