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29 Aug 2011
Error 3130 Response limit exceeded.

Accroding to the explanation of this error in the Messages document,

Explanation:  There is a TDBMS limit of 16 outstand-
ing responses for a single session. If responses are
allowed to pile up by an application, this error will
occur. A response is the response set from a SELECT
statement. A response is kept by the TDBMS until we
know the user is done with it at which point it is can-

I don`t understand what the response object is and the problem is:

I have the web application deployed on a Websphere. The application uses Teradata database executing prepared statements. Prepared statement cache on a Websphere is enabled.

Even under low load I frequently get the 3130 error from Teradata.

I also try to dig into several directions. The applicaton worked fine before I tried to use 'SET QUERY BAND...' queries for logging purposes.

'SET QUERY BAND' queries don`t return any result set as SELECT statements so I can`t imagine this problems are interconnected.

Could you help me, please?

pjozwiak 7 posts Joined 05/11
02 Sep 2011

I have the same problem, after few queries all next queries end with:

[Teradata Database] [3130] Response limit exceeded.

Even logout and login one more time to database from my .Net app is not resolving this problem.

All TdCommands and DataReades are properly disposed. So, if documentation says:

1. If KeepResp is OFF, the response is automatically cancelled
when all rows have been returned to the application
and the host has been notified of the end of the
2. If KeepResp is ON, the response is held until explicitly
cancelled by the user.
In each case, the response can be explicitly cancelled by
the soon as it is no longer needed.

Remedy: The responses are the property of the session
and will automatically automatically be cancelled if the
session is logged off. Cancel an old response and resubmit
the request or transaction.

How to check this session KeepResp value, and how to change this setting.

How to logged off the session as is writen in Remedy.

tomnolan 594 posts Joined 01/08
07 Sep 2011

The Teradata Database limits each connection (session) to a maximum of 16 open responses. A "response" is the output from a SQL request that was executed.

When a connection is used to execute more than 16 SQL requests without having closed the responses, then the Teradata Database will return Error 3130 "Response limit exceeded". This error means that you have exceeded the limit of 16 open responses for your connection.

The Teradata JDBC Driver User Guide's Troubleshooting section documents the common causes and remedies for Teradata Database Error 3130.


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