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asami 1 post Joined 12/13
07 Jan 2014
Does the Teradata JDBC drivers has support for turkish characters

What is the charset that I need to choose for writing the turkish characters using jdbc drivers ? Tried with UTF8 and UTF16 but none of them helped.

tomnolan 594 posts Joined 01/08
07 Jan 2014

Yes, the Teradata JDBC Driver supports Turkish characters.
The destination column must be declared as CHARACTER SET UNICODE, or the Teradata Database will return Error 6706 "The string contains an untranslatable character."
The following Turkish Unicode characters have been successfully tested with both CHARSET=UTF8 and CHARSET=UTF16:
ç --> \u00E7
ğ --> \u011F
ı --> \u0131
ş --> \u015F
ö --> \u00F6
ü --> \u00FC
Ç --> \u00C7
Ğ --> \u011E
İ --> \u0130
Ş --> \u015E
Ö --> \u00D6
Ü --> \u00DC

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