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timfoster 3 posts Joined 09/08
01 Sep 2008
DLL installation

Hi All,I have two development machines. Both run Teradata SQL client. Trouble is the dll versions of the driver are different. Speaking to our MIS support department is like explaining metaphysics to a halibut!For some reason my laptop has version of tdata.dll. My desktop has version 3.03.I need both machines running 3.05 as 3.03 doesn't work! it doesn't like LENGTH(Column) at all. My app needs to be running on this machine, but I'm not holding my breath waiting for our internal support to install 3.05.My question is, can any tell me what I need to do to make my desktop work with 3.05? I tried just copying the dll over the top and I tried registering it with regsvr32, but the client app won't connect to the db if I do.

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
01 Sep 2008

LENGTH is an ODBC function not a SQL function. The corresponding SQL function is the ANSI-standard CHARACTER_LENGTH (or Teradata extension CHARACTERS).For the ODBC driver to translate LENGTH "under the covers", you must un-check the Disable Parsing option in ODBC configuration (or if you are using SQL Assistant, you must check the "Allow use of ODBC SQL extensions" query option). But I generally recommend people avoid this because it means the SQL submitted to the database may not be what you entered - which can make problem resolution confusing.Current Teradata drivers require corresponding ICU and GSS "shared libraries" to be installed in addition to the driver itself. You can download packaged driver and libraries from the public site.

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