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dhorne 1 post Joined 09/15
14 Sep 2015
Connectng from a 15.00 Client to a 15.10 Database

In order to solve a database issue, Teradat will be upgraded to 15.10 from 15.00
Can we continue to use our 15.00 to connect (i.e. is it offically supported?)

tomnolan 594 posts Joined 01/08
15 Sep 2015

Many, but not all, of the Teradata client products offer forwards compatibility, meaning that they support connecting to a Teradata Database with a later release number than the client software.
For example, the Teradata JDBC Driver offers compatibility with the corresponding back 4 + current + forward 4 Teradata Database releases, but that is the most generous compatibility range. Most Teradata client software offers a narrower compatibility range.
If you are a customer, then please open an incident with Teradata Customer Support and ask about the specific list of Teradata client software you intend to use with a newer Teradata Database release.

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