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abhilash.nair 8 posts Joined 06/14
29 Dec 2014
Connectivity issues for SQL Assistant 15

I recently installed TTU 15. The Windows version is XP Sp3 32 bit.
I was using the TTU 14 previously and it was working fine.
Prior to installing the new version, I completely uninstalled all the tools related to v14 using the unintall vb script provided alongwith the TTU 15 package
Then I rebooted the system and installed TTU 15
Now while trying to login via ODBC i am getting error "Cannot Load TDGSS Library"
Also while trying to configure new data source i am getting error "Unknown error occurred in TERASSO library"
However I am able to login via Teradata.Net Provider. The problem is only for ODBC
I uninstalled ODBC,ICU &GSS
Then I installed the above in the below order 
But the error does not go away

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
03 Jan 2015

You may want to formally submit this as a Support Incident for resolution. 

abhilash.nair 8 posts Joined 06/14
04 Jan 2015

The error went away when I installed TTU 15 on top of TTU 14.
It is somewhat strange though as it was not working when I did a clean install
Maybe TTU 15 still needs some supporting files from TTU 14

tjmunson 1 post Joined 10/11
25 Jul 2016

For whats its worth, I had the same issue when installing 15.10 and had uninstalled TTU 14 before the 15 install.  After reading this entry, I removed the 15.10 TTU and installed TTU 14.  Then installed the 15.10 ontop of the TTU 14 install and my 32 bit ODBC connection began working.  Now need to try and do the same for the 64 bit TTU's.  Thanks abhilash.nair for posting your fix.

adjrock 1 post Joined 04/14
27 Jul 2016

I am finding it impossible to install (or unistall) any working version of Teradata at this point on my Win7 64bit.
I made the mistake to installing multiple versions and now I keep getting:
"The wizard was interrupted before Teradata Tools and Utilities - Base 15.10.05 could be completely removed."
After going through the uninstall, add/remove and uninstall_ttu.vbs, I have the following components still left on my machine

Active Release is 


Version                 Display Name

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------           .NET Data Provider for Teradata 14.10           Teradata Parallel Transporter Base nt-x8664           Teradata FastLoad           Teradata Administrator 15.10.1           Teradata GSS Client nt-x8664  15.10.1           ODBC Driver for Teradata           ODBC Driver for Teradata nt-x8664           Teradata Wallet           Teradata Wallet nt-x8664           .NET Data Provider for Teradata



At this stage, I think my only chance is to rebuild my whole computer unless someone know a magic trick. Hope a magician can help me

09 Aug 2016

Same thing here adjrock

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