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bruno.geovane 3 posts Joined 05/14
04 Jun 2014
Connection between SSIS and Teradata Destination

Hi all,
I have to insert more than 70 milions register from a .csv to a Teradata Destination via SSIS. After insert 2 milions of data, an error appear:
[Teradata Destination [133]] Erro: TPT Import failed to insert row. No record of the last request was found after DBC restart
I use Fast Load feature...
Can someone help me?

bruno.geovane 3 posts Joined 05/14
05 Jun 2014

i suspect that this problem is the network traffic... what do you think?

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
05 Jun 2014

It can also be due to network issue. You can check the network simultaneausly,netstat,traceroute,telnet,ifconfig, nslookup .....
With less information, it can be due to anything.
You may be using Attunity.
Is this the first time you are loading or you have been loading ?
Are there any recent upgrades of softwares? or drivers, 64 bit os, 32 bit os........
Questions galore!!!

Raja K Thaw
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bruno.geovane 3 posts Joined 05/14
05 Jun 2014

Hello Raja,

I'll try use the network tools you told...

Yes, I'm using Attunity... the package is new, we executed it more then one time but all results in this error...

We installed the softwares recently, so no upgrades were installed.

Thanks for the help!

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