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02 Aug 2016
Connecting to Teradata through PYODBC on Mac

I have been trying to connect to Teradata using PYODBC from my Mac terminal. I have the Teradata ODBC drivers installed but PYODBC doesn't seem to be able to find them. This is the connection string I have created:
pyodbc.connect('DRIVER={Teradata};DBCName=XXX; DATABASE=XXX;Authentication=TD2;UID=XXX;PWD=XXX')
And this is the error I am getting.
Error: ('01000', "[01000] [unixODBC][Driver Manager]Can't open lib 'Teradata' : file not found (0) (SQLDriverConnect)")
Is there an environment variable I need to setup so that it can find the driver?

NetFx 346 posts Joined 09/06
05 Aug 2016

Load the iODBC Data Source Administrator tool; select the Drivers tab and check for the Teradata Driver.  Most likely the Teradata ODBC Driver is not registered with the iODBC Driver Manager.  

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