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21 Jan 2016
Connect Teradata SQLA using LDAP

I have installed OpenLdap for windows and now I am trying to use LDAP to connect SQL Assistant.
I am looking for some help/guide which tell me how to create a DSN connection for using LDAP and what information do we need to pass in the DSN parameter and other fields.

NetFx 346 posts Joined 09/06
21 Jan 2016

You do not need to install OpenLDAP on the clinet machine. You must configure the Teradata Database to authenticate with external authentication. Set the Mechanism to LDAP and specify the User-ID (UID) and Password (PWD). Refer to the Security Administration manual for additional information. 

mohtashim 6 posts Joined 02/12
28 Jan 2016

I have installed Active Directory Users and Computers tools on windows 7 VM. This VM has already teradata database installed and running. I have also created a database user WITH NULL PASSWORD option. When I tried to connect SQL Assistant using mechanism LDAP with database username and password it says that "8017: The UserId, Password or Account is in valid"
I know I have to 1. Load Teradata schema extensions into active directory.
2. I also need to populate the directory information tree with objects that link directory users and usergroups with database users, roles, and profiles.
But I don't know how to do this. As, I have no adea about active directory configuration. Hope some of you’ll be kind enough to offer me some guidance.
Thanks and regards,

ssomayajula 4 posts Joined 05/09
28 Jan 2016

I think all these things are documented in the Security Administration manual and please refer to that book and you will find detailed information about how to do this.

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