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29 Oct 2014
Command line installation for ODBC Driver for Windows

I am trying to package the ODBC driver for installation at our company and am encountering some issues with setup.exe. The GUI claims it is installshield but all the usual command line arguements are not working. I jsut get an error "The setup command line is invalid. The setup cannot proceed".
I have tried ...
setup.exe /r
setup.exe /s
setup.exe /s /v"/qn /log c:\logdir\log.txt" 
setup.exe /?
They all result in the same error message. Can anyone please advise how to install the ODBC driver from the command line?

11 Dec 2014

Hi All,
What are the official (not a forum) support channels to go through? The forums are obviously not monitored by any official support staff. Not being able to install the product is quiet inconvenient and I would really like to see this issue resolved.

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
12 Dec 2014

Open an incident with Teradata Customer Services through the Teradata @ Your Service web portal.

smantry 2 posts Joined 06/16
13 Jun 2016

I am having the same problem deploying it in my organization. Did you get the answer you were looking for ?

smantry 2 posts Joined 06/16
14 Jun 2016

I could not find any documentation which can help me in deploying the ODBC Suite silently. Can anyone guide me to the right direction ?

NetFx 346 posts Joined 09/06
21 Jun 2016
refer to the Installation Guide for Windows.

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