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mo186006 2 posts Joined 07/11
21 Feb 2012
CLIv2 not working with LDAP mechanism

Hi, I'm trying to connect to TD server via CLIv2 console application using LDAP logon mechanism, but I get the following error: CLI2: BADLOGMECH(507): Requested logon mechanism is not available.

I have set up LDAP option by passing "LDAP" string to DBCAREA logmech_name variable:

sprintf(dbcarea.logmech_name, "LDAP");

Also, I can connect to the server without any problem using BTEQ and specifying: 

.logmech LDAP;

Thanks for your time.

mo186006 2 posts Joined 07/11
21 Feb 2012

Ok, so I've got the answer. "LDAP" should be padded with blanks to have 8 characters:

sprintf(dbcarea.logmech_name, "LDAP    ");

I should read manuals more carefully :)

vinods82 1 post Joined 06/09
13 Mar 2012


I also getting the same below error :

"CLI Error 507: CLI2: BADLOGMECH(507): Requested logon     mechanism is not available."

But in my case the script runs every night in batch and fails some times and re run solves the issue.

Created a Teradata service ticket today but interested in knowing the issue soon.


Thanks for you time.


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