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megamic 25 posts Joined 12/06
05 Jan 2007
CLI access to TeraData from MVS

Hi AllI have been attempting to setup a CLI connection to teradata using C, under an MVS environment. I have been trying to use the DBCHINI function to initialize a DBCHAREA struct, however I keep just getting a return code of 157. I first set the area_length variable of the struct. The two message pointers within DBCHAREA contain either junk or NULL.I cant find any documentation on the RC's (other than 0 is success), so I am having difficulty analysing what the problem is. My basic question is what does CLI require in order to at least initialize? Where can i find detailed information on the return codes from the basic CLI functions? Any other tips on getting CLI to work under MVS?CheersMick

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
07 Jan 2007

From the Teradata Messages manual:CLI0157 CLI2 Parameter module HSHSPB unavailableExplanation: This error indicates that the CLI2 parameter block module was not link-edited into the application and an attempt to dynamically load it atruntime failed.

megamic 25 posts Joined 12/06
08 Jan 2007

Thanks very much for pointing that out. The section called 'Mainframe CLI-Series Messages' was spot on, just what I was looking for!

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