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sharonn 9 posts Joined 05/16
13 Jul 2016
Can not connect from host to TDE 14 40G - IP address is not set.

I was using the TDE 14 - 4G successfully but could not load my data due to free space.
Now I’m trying to work with TDE 14 – 40G but I can’t connect to the VM from my host.
No eth0 IP address was set on the VM – so I tried configuring my own IP and succeeded to ping the VM.
But - I still can’t connect to Teradata from Teradata studio or from putty on my host.
What are the differences between 4g and 40g?
How can I expose the TDE machine to my host?
Thank you

sharonn 9 posts Joined 05/16
14 Jul 2016

I found out was actually using TDE 15 40G, so i downloaded the 14 40G and everything is OK.
but i still cant connect using 15 40G.
any idea?

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