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The Cloud Computing forum is dedicated to topics and products related to the Teradata Enterprise Analytics Cloud™, such as Teradata Express for VMware and Agile Analytics. Or just post your thoughts and comments about Cloud computing and how it relates to Data Warehousing in general.

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TD Express on MacBook Pro Topic by Q 21 Nov 2009 mac, vmware, queryman

I got TD13 Express 1TB running in VMWare under Snow Leopard. Connect great with local linux utilities (bteq, tpt, etc...) Does anyone know how to external clients to connect into my VMWare instance via IP? Or is it forever a local sandbox? It must be a VMWare setting???


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Not able to import Teradata express to VMWARE server Topic by Shilaba_Roul 07 Dec 2011

Hi All


I have window 7 premium OS in my laptop. I downloaded Teradata express for VMWARE (4GB). Also downloaded VMWARE server.

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Trouble importing TSET from production into TD13.00 Express Topic by Tuen 08 Feb 2012

Has anyone run into the following issue trying to import a TSET from a production TD13.00 system into the TD 13.00 Exporess.

This error occurs when trying to import the statistics.

ERROR - Syntax error: Invalid Version number.[3706]

1 reply, 9 years ago
Hardware recommendations for Teradata Express for VMWare Topic by strattok 16 May 2011 express vmware performance hardware

I would like to hear all recommendations from experience for Express hardware configurations.

Disk Configuration:
CPU: core/thread. Intel/AMD. Clock speed.
Escon/Ficon: Anyone done this yet?

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Teradata Express VMware 13.0 practice data Topic by dcastor 17 Oct 2011

First off, it appears that I posted my previous posts in the incorrect forum -- my apologies. I was aiming to get some guidance on how and where to get the practice data that comes with the Express download, as well as some info on where to utilize the tools and utilities. 

Here is my post from the other forum (that was miscategorized): 

Hey guys,

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Teradata 13.10 VMWare and RHEL 6 compatibility Topic by mrosseter 12 Oct 2011

Does anyone know if the 13.10 version of Teradata VMWare is compatible with RHEL 6.*, particularly RHEL 6.2?


Have the client libraries been tested with RHEL 6.*?


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SUSE Date/Time & Teradata-ntp Topic by jwh_ws 30 Sep 2011

I'm running on a Windows 7 64bit host with an i7 processor for the SUSE 10.1 VMWare guest running TD Express.

For reasons that are beyond my interest the guest has horrible time drift.

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How to configure/enable RSG vproc in Teradata Express 13 for VMWare player Topic by Jeenphy 30 Jun 2011

By default there is no 'RSG' vproc configured as following vprocmanager output:
Vproc Rel. Node Can Crash Vproc Config Config Cluster/ Host TVS
Number Vproc# ID Move Count State Status Type Host No. Type Vproc
------ ------ ------ ----- ----- ------- -------- ------ -------- ----- -----
0* 1 1-01 Yes 0 ONLINE Online AMP 0 On 10238
1 2 1-01 Yes 0 ONLINE Online AMP 0 On 10237
8192 4 1-01 No 0 ONLINE N/A GTW 1 COP N/A

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Teradata Express for VMware Player - Growing Pains and Version Refresh Topic by hyperj 25 Jun 2010

Some of you may have noticed during the last couple of weeks that we have been experiencing some issues with our download server and the integrity of the VM's being downloaded. We are very sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused you but happy to announce that we have gotten over some growing pains by moving our download server into the Amazon CloudFront cloud. Yes, even Teradata's downloadable cloud products are now in the cloud!

7 replies, 10 years ago
Teradata 12 1 TB VM in vSphere 4.0 Topic by mnylin 28 Mar 2011 teradata express, vmware, private cloude

We've run into a snag trying to import the Teradata 12 1 TB VM into our enterprise vSphere 4.0 VMWare environment. When we import the VM as is, it shows in the list as sles10 (invalid) and cannot be used. We then ran it through the conversion utility that VMWare provides while converting to thin disks (as we don't have 1TB of disk available right now). This failed at 56% with a non-descript error. We re-ran the conversion and it failed again at roughly the same point.

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Teradata Express 13.0 for VMware - Upgrading from 40GB Image to 1TB Topic by mmuthupillai 21 Mar 2011 terdata express, 1tb vs. 40gb image

I have just configured 40GB Image Teradata Express. Running out of space already.. Has anyone upgraded from 40GB Image to a 1TB image? If so, what are the steps? If not possible, what is the recommended appraoch to replace this 40GB image with 1TB image?

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Third Annual Cloud Slam'11 Cloud Computing Conference Topic by cloudslam11 13 Mar 2011 cloud, cloud computing, saas, cloudcomputing

The 3rd Annual Virtual Conference on Cloud Computing will be hosted online from April 18 - 22, 2011. It is global event, covering latest trends and innovations in the world of cloud computing. Conference panels, workshops, and tutorials are selected to cover a range of the hottest topics in cloud computing.


Conference tracks will focus on the following areas:
Cloud for Business, Technology & Innovation, Cloud For Public Sector, Industry Implementation Insights, Governance & Enforcement, Research & Findings.

Conference Agenda

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Interaction between two Clouds Topic by snehalmasne 27 Dec 2010

I have setup the Cloud-A and I have another Cloud-B with same configuration. Say there are multiple clouds. A user is subscribed to any one of them, say Cloud-A for IaaS. As the requirements are dynamic, all the resources of Cloud-A may get exhausted. There may be another Cloud-B which can provide the services but that Cloud-A can't ask the client to go for Cloud-B.

So if it is possible to have some co-ordination between this two providers to share resources mutually, making client fully unaware of whats going on in the background....?

Please reply..

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Cloud Slam Event - CS '10 virtual Cloud Computing conference Topic by Sachin Gupta 17 Feb 2010 cloud slam event, cloud slam 10, cloud slam 2010, virtual conference

I am interested in going to Cloud Slam in April 19-23 - a virtual Cloud Computing conference. See

Did anyone attend a virtual conference before? I liked that besides presentations they are planning to offer hands on labs. Seem to have strong keynote speakers as well.

10 replies, 10 years ago
Cloud computing and storage.. Where to Start. Topic by onereddybear 04 Nov 2010 cloud computing, cloud governance, cloud automation, cloud development

Hello everyone, I need some help. I've just got the backing to start a cloud..
Now i need help getting started. My Goal is cloud computing and storage..
I need pointers one what equipment, software and staff are needed to get this dream off the ground.. Please Help.

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Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for OMG Richard Soley Keynotes at BT Summit 2010 Topic by swagat321 21 Oct 2010 cloud computing, omg richard soley, cmmi, static code analysis, software modeling, shared patterns, anti-patterns, corba

The constant rush to new fads and fashions in the Information Technology industry have done little to improve overall software quality; and as computing moves to the cloud, apparently out of our control, quality becomes even more important. Satellite launches famously fail, medical devices famously overdose patients and engines still shut down in flight.

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Unable to compile Elastic Marts Builder Topic by 13 Oct 2010 java, eclipse, library, compile, elastic data marts builder

Disclaimer: I don't know Java nor Eclipse.

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CSO at Zynga & Co-founder of Cloud Security Alliance, Nils Puhlmann, Speaks at Business Technology Summit 2010 Topic by swagat321 12 Oct 2010 cloud computing, cloud governance, cloud security, cloud security network, cloud security alliance

Cloud Security in Focus at India's Most Influential Business Technology Conference

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disstart high cpu usage on Teradata Express 13 Topic by xpoinsard 26 Aug 2010 teradata express edition vmware, disstart, cpu

/usr/tdbms/bin/disstart is permanently using more than 60% of the cpu.
Does anybody experienced the same problem and solved it ?

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Cloud is Omnipresent at India’s Annual Conference on Business Technologies Topic by raju2010 03 Jul 2010 cloud computing, cloud governance, cloud services, cloud application, cloud automation, cloud development, cloud management, cloud security

Business Technology Summit 2010 – India's First, Largest and Single-most Inspirational Technology Show

Bangalore, July 2, 2010: Cloud is the Correct Answer to all Zen Koans! And Indian enterprises are at the forefront of a fundamental shift in the way they are obtaining software and computing capacity. Cloud Computing is in focus on the first day of the 2010 edition of Business Technology Summit. The summit will be held 11-12 November 2010 at the NIMHANS Convention Centre in Bangalore.

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Shape Your Enterprise for New Business Realities Topic by raju2010 23 Jun 2010 web services, web 2.0, cloud computing, soa, saas, paas, soa governance, cloud governance, ecm, content management

Business Technology Summit 2010 – India's First, Largest and Single-most Inspirational Technology Show

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SUSE VMware image of TD13 Express dies intermittently Topic by ravenAtSafeSoftware 15 Feb 2010 teradata express, vmware

After a month and half of flawless execution, my TD13 Express VMware installation (as downloaded from Teradata) has begun to flake out on me. Every couple of days it stops responding to network connections and has to be restarted from within VMWare.

VMWare reports the image as using all available CPU power during these events.

Any suggestions?

4 replies, 11 years ago
Creating a user through EMB portlet (in Viewpoint) errors with space issue Topic by plentyfish 18 May 2010


I have installed Elastic Marts Builder and added the Portlet to my viewpoint desktop, but when I try to create a user through EMB portlet (in Viewpoint), I get error "Not Enough Space Available". I am selecting the minimum space of 100mb (for Data Mart Size).
Any help or direction really be appreciated. BTW, the database that house elastic marts is sized at 45gb.

3 replies, 11 years ago
Creating new DB without TD Admin / DB Manager (Windows client) Topic by tomthebuzz 27 Apr 2010 set-up, new db, td13 express, vm

Hi All,

I have the 1TB version of TD13 running on a MacBook VMWare Fusion workstation and everything is working / starting fine. Being a newbie to the native TD toolset,
how do I create new DBs and assign space without the graphical UI like TD Admin (on Windows). As I'm in the MAC OS X as VM host I do not have access to any windows
client. I understood that I should be able to do this using BTEQ, alone the whole library doesn't reference any termin / native BTEQ syntax.

1 reply, 11 years ago
How to get ZMD client running in TD13 1TB VMWare version? Topic by tomthebuzz 26 Mar 2010 vmware, zmd, adding sw, td13, 1tb

When I like to extend the TD13 1TB edition with additional software using the standard Yast client and add additional SLES10 repositories (or try to install RPMs directly) I get the error message, that the ZMD demon (/etc/init.d/novell-zmd) is not running. When trying to start it manually it concludes without error, but the status is always dead...

1 reply, 11 years ago