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The Cloud Computing forum is dedicated to topics and products related to the Teradata Enterprise Analytics Cloud™, such as Teradata Express for VMware and Agile Analytics. Or just post your thoughts and comments about Cloud computing and how it relates to Data Warehousing in general.

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VMWARE - Installing Linux TD VMWARE. Topic by indrajit_td 09 Dec 2011


 I am trying to get on VMWARE TD. I have VMWARE player up and running with windows XP installed. But I m trying to install a SLES_10 TD on linux. I downloaded the Teradata express for VMWARE from

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Speed of TD12 vmware version versus TD13 Topic by walter.perz 10 Feb 2010 vmware, speed

I've worked with both versions a bit, and TD12 (not the database, just the image itself) takes a LOT longer to start up than the equivalent TD13 version (I'm using 1TB versions of each). I've configured them the same (cpu, memory, network).

Any thoughts as to why 12 is so much slower than 13?


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Licence errors from VMware server when trying to start SLES10_TD1300 Topic by james 17 Nov 2009

Need some help with licenses. I am unable to start the virtual machine in VMware server 2.02. I have the 40GB version of TD Express 13.0 installed and its showing in the inventory. All attempts to start this VM give me the error "Power On Virtual Machine failed to complete... Details: There are not enough licenses installed to perform the operation."

Its not clear to me if this is a VMware licence issue, or TD Express-related.

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Is there any way to control the size of the virtual machine for my small laptop disk? Topic by Teradactyl 08 Mar 2010 vm disk space

My laptop only has an 80 GB disk. I want to run the Teradata Express 13.0 Virtual machine, and my laptop meets all of the requirements for this. It's nice that the initial installation size starts out at 10 GB. I can fit that in my laptop. The standard version has a Teradata capacity of 40 GB, starting out with a 2 GB pdisk. That 40 GB has me concerned.

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Setting up Elastic Marts Builder to access different TD database Topic by plentyfish 14 May 2010

Hi all,

I'm installing Elastic Marts Builder (EMB) - but as per installation guide, it seems you can only assign it to one Teradata database. Is there a way I can set it up so users can create EMB objects to different databases, say accounting users have access to build their tables, views etc to DB-X and marketing use DB-Y ? Our Teradata system is v12.

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External IP address Topic by mgw 02 Nov 2009 ip address

The "Configure Teradata Express for 12.0 for Amazon EC2" document says to use an SSH client to connect to the external IP address of the instance. How do I locate the external IP address of the instance?

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Loading data to TD Express (Windows or Linux) using Ab Initio Topic by james 29 Oct 2010 etl, linux, windows, express, ab initio

Hello - I am exploring the possibility of using an existing ETL tool (Ab Initio) to load data into TD Express databases for test/dev purposes. The ETL tool is already used to load data into a production TD system.

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How to connect to Teradata Express for Amazon EC2 from SQL Assistant? Topic by antonelly 07 Aug 2012

Hi Guys,

Is where a way to connect to it directly from my workstation, not from virtual Linux machine? If it is possible what Database Server name must I enter and what Authethentication mechanism?

If it is not possible how to install SQL Assistant on a virtual Linux machine where bteq is installed by default


Thanks in advance



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What is cloud integration platform? Topic by jsmexiaa789 13 Apr 2011 cloud integration platform, business process automation, data transformation

cloud integration platform is the key to realizing the full potential of your cloud investment. Without the ability to integrate
your data in the cloud with your on-premise applications and databases, you create data silos and inefficiencies that
can all but wipe out the benefits of the cloud.

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How to setup Cloud?? Topic by rezwan 19 Jul 2011

i am final year student of department of computer science and engineering of Shahjalal university of science and technology,sylhet,Bangladesh. I am doing final year thesis on cloud computing. but have faced problem while setting up the cloud(alchemy/eucalyptus).

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TD Express 14 download uncompress error Topic by tleverette 26 Mar 2013

I downloaded the TD Express 40GB zip file fine. Windows gave me an error 0x80004005 (unspecified error) when I tried to extract the contents using Windows Explorer (Win 7 Ultimate sp1). WinZip however, extracted the contents with no error. Has anyone else experienced this issue? If so, TDE could save users hours of troubleshooting this problem by 1.

1 reply, 8 years ago
Cloud Computing Online Training and Placement Assistance Topic by steven789 23 Mar 2013 cloud computing onlinetraining

We also offer Online Training (Remote Training + Real-time exp) / In-Class Training with sure placement Assistance.

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Re: Teradata 13.10 VM player version Topic by gannu 01 Mar 2013 vmware teradata 13.10

Hi fellows,
I have installed VMware player and sucessfully done with the following steps given:
My question is when i am trying to start the Teradata SQL assistant it was showing 

Could not connect to New Teradata Database.

1 reply, 8 years ago
Teradata Express, VMWare and Windows 8 Topic by sgdevaney 08 Mar 2013 teradata express, VMWare Player, Windows 8

Dear all
I have just attempted to install VMWare Player on Windows 8 professional and it rudely declines because Windows 8 pro comes with Windows Hyper Visor.

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Connection string to the amazon ec2 instance Topic by vganti 01 Mar 2013

Using the URI, teradata://, , I am unable to connect to the Teradata express instance on amazon ec2. The error message is as shown below. Looks like I need to specify the DatabaseServerName in the URI. What should the name be - I tried a couple but get the same error.

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unable to attach 2nd volume on EC2 Topic by vincebernard 25 Jan 2013 ec2

I am unable to attach to the second volume I have created for the TD14 image.  The first attached without a hitch but now the second is hanging.  I have detached, rebooted, stop and restart the instance, but nothing seems to help.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Problem downloading Teradata 14 Express VMware Topic by NeilMaybin 03 Dec 2012 express 14 vmware download zip

After I accept the Ts&Cs I get a blank page at  - the progress bar at the bottom of this slowly fills up as the file is downloaded.

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Certificate errors when trying to start VMserver. Topic by dh160024 03 Oct 2012 oconee dave

I am trying to install Teradata on a 64-bit PC with Windows 7.  I installed the VMserver and received no error messages.  I installed Teradata 13 without problems.  I was trying to start VMserver to do step 5 in the script and got a Certificate error message.  I ignored the error and went on and got the logon prompt from VMserver and entered my logon ID and password.  VMserver rejected my login

1 reply, 9 years ago
TD Express 14 for VMware crashes Topic by ehaahr 20 Jul 2012

I am trying to get TDx14 up and running on VMware player on Windows 7 Ultimate.

I have had TDx13 running on the same PC, but after installing and trying TDx14 both versions are crashing.

After starting bteq and trying to logon as dbc (the initial test in the user guide) it crashes and tries to recover but crashes and so on...

Any ideas where to look for a fix?

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Launch any apps in the Cloud within 5 m Topic by redhatien 15 Jul 2012 security, cloud, crm, pintastic, erm


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Database Crashes after few seconds - Teradata 13 on SLES VM image Topic by mkbobba 27 Jun 2012



We have downloaded the Teradata 13 1TB VM image and brought it online under VMWare running on RH Linux.


The database crashes after few seconds. Please help me in locating the log files which I can check to identify the issue.


Appreciate your help.


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TD express on Red Hat Topic by fhdaniels 21 Oct 2011 red hat, teradata express, vmware

We have TD express for VMware installed on a Red Hat server.  The database is running and we can login to it using BTEQ in Linux.  We located the IP address of the database using ifconfig, but we can not connect to it or ping it from an external PC client.

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Running Teradata VMware 12.0 1 TB edition on ESXi Topic by strattok 13 Dec 2010 vmware, express, esx

We are successful with installing, running, loading, quering VMware 12.0 on WMware Server 2.0.

Now I would like to run Teradata on VMware ESXi 4.0.

Has anyone does this? Is there a version that runns on ESXi?

Is seems the current version will not run directly on ESXi. We have tries to export from VMware Player, and run on ESX, but no success.


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Is there a workaround to the "... Disabling long mode..." message? Topic by zonian56 21 Apr 2012 teradata express, vmware, cloud

Is there a workaround for the following error. There is no BIOS option to enable Virtualization on my laptop.  

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