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The Cloud Computing forum is dedicated to topics and products related to the Teradata Enterprise Analytics Cloud™, such as Teradata Express for VMware and Agile Analytics. Or just post your thoughts and comments about Cloud computing and how it relates to Data Warehousing in general.

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Cloud server Topic by christina 100013 08 Nov 2013 cloud computing course in chennai

Hi every one,I am new to cloud computing.Can any one tell about cloud server

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Cloud and Big Data Symposium Topic by Jagatha 16 Nov 2013 cloud, big data, cloud computing, Symposium

Techfetch & Global Indian Technology Professional Association has planned to conduct Cloud and Big Data Symposium. It is a great pleasure to invite you all to the Cloud and Big Data Symposium on December 21, 2013. It will be nice occasion to gain knowledge about in demand technology skill Cloud & BigData.
Date: December 21, 2013 (Saturday)
Time:  8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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Teradata’s cloud-based Integrated Marketing Management Topic by Raja_KT 13 Nov 2013

Anyone has implemented Teradata’s cloud-based Integrated Marketing Management ? Can anyone share some information with me, about infrastructure etc requirements and how does it respond?
Thanks and regards,

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logmech for cloud Topic by Raja_KT 02 Nov 2013

Can anyone help me explaining  the  ways and means, login mechanisms to cloud using Teradata.
Thanks and regards,

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Teradata Express 12 for Amazon EC2 available? Topic by mercutio 18 Feb 2010 ec2, teradadta express

Hey Guys,

Has anyone successfully registered and given access to the Teradata Express 12 for Amazon EC2? I've registered twice and gotten the following delivered to my email twice.... with no future followup from Teradata and no teradata ami visible in my AWS...

Thank you for your interest in Teradata Express 12 on Amazon EC2.

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Cloud features Topic by jack123 16 Oct 2013

Can anyone tell me about features of cloud computing

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Online and Classroom Training on Big Data Technology Topic by anjaliunicom 10 Oct 2013

Great News For IT Professionals!
UNICOM is Starting New Online and Classroom Training  Batches in Oct- Nov 2013 for these Technologies.
1. Hadoop Developer
2. Hadoop Admin
3. Apache Mahout
4. Big Data Analytics
5. Cassandra DB
6. Hadoop Master Class

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vmware player: Free or not?!? Topic by ML500000 08 Oct 2013 vm tddemo cloud

Hi all,
looking at my vmware player I find "non - commercial use only" in the top line.
How is this to be handled withing Teradata and for example at a pilot engagement (which I am currently in), where we use the demo to bridge the time until the pilot system is delivered... Do we and does the prospect have to buy a license or do we have an agreement with vmware...

1 reply, 8 years ago
Teradata 14 VMware Edition Topic by himan20m 27 Sep 2013

Hi All,
We are planning to have TeraData 14 VMware edition as our test and Dev environments. Can somebody please highlight the drawbacks or limitations while using this edition in real time.  

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Cloud Computing Online Training call Us +919000444287 Topic by 21cssindia1 29 Sep 2013 Cloud Computing Online Training

Cloud Computing Online Training

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Cloud Computing - Spool Space Topic by Karthikteradata 05 Sep 2013

Can we solve "spool space" issue using cloud computing
We have a situation like the development team has written some queries and due to increase of data in base tables the queries are giving spool space error.
Till we fix this and optimize the query, we dont the jobs to be on hold.
Is there a solution which can be attained through cloud ???

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Teradata express 12.o Topic by alancroft66 03 Aug 2013 td12, Teradata 12 Express, Windows 32 bit

I need Teradata Express 12.0 for windows 32 bit. Please tell me how can I get it.

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VMware Player, 5.0.2 build-1031769 - Executing Teradata 14 statements very slow Topic by pcallison 17 Jul 2013 VMware Teradata Express 14

Through the terminal/bteq, the database is runningn and the response is quick,as expected. However, the response time within Teradata Express is unacceptably slow. Even initiating the cionnection to the database takes a few minutes. The laptop has plenty of power/space, the database resides in an external hard drive.
Anyone have that experience? Any ideas?

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what's the license term for teradata express 13 for VMware? Topic by tiyuan 10 Jul 2013

Hi all
I know the license term for teradata express 14 is 90days, but what's the license term for teradata express 13? Is it 2 years or 90days ? thanks a lot !

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difference between cloud computing Topic by mathanjitu 03 Jul 2013 cloud computing, training

what is difference between cloudcomputing and php, dotnet and i want clear discription about cloud computing

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Teradata Express v14 installation with empty directories under /opt/teradata/TeradataStudioExpress Topic by 27 Jun 2013 express studio

I have downloaded and installed teradata studio express using:

rpm -i --force TeradataStudioExpress-


Where is it installed now??


ls -lrta  /opt/teradata/TeradataStudioExpress


Total 0

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TD Express 14 and LDAP authentication Topic by tomkent 29 Jun 2012

Does LDAP (AuthenticationSupported="yes" AuthorizationSupported="no") work in TDE 14?

The TdgssUserConfigFile.xml file successfully used in TDE 13.10 was moved to TDE 14.
Testing using tdsbind in 14 does not authenticate properly.
The VM for TDE14 has the identical IP settings as the VM for TDE13.10.

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Erroring out while unzipping td-express- Topic by sunis12 12 Jun 2013

I am trying to install teradata on my windows 7 64 bit machine. I am pretty much new to it and hence facing many issues.

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install TD 14 VM image using VMware workstation 7. Getting following error Topic by ganya 14 Jun 2013 teradata 14VM image on vmware workstation

Not enough physical memory is available to power on this virtual machine with its configured settings.
To fix this problem, increase the amount of physical memory for all virtual machines to 1936 MB or adjust the additional memory settings to allow more virtual machine memory to be swapped.

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Cloud Computing Explained to Software Developers Topic by daniele 20 May 2013

If you are interested in knowing more about Cloud Computing from a programmer's point of view and find out how it's going to affect your career as a software developer, here is your book: 

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Shutting down Teradata in EC2 keeping data and avoiding Amazon charges Topic by diogenesesanto 13 Jun 2013 shutdown amazon

Hi team,
I appreciate to understand the better way to "hibernate" Teradata in Amazon EC2 keeping data and avoiding charges from Amazon.
I guess running a Teradata tpa stop and Amazon stop instance should be fine, am I right?
Thank you.

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Need help installing VMware Server/Player and downloading choice of VM Topic by rc186020 30 May 2013 TD Express 14.0 VMware player, Choice of VM

I am new to TDE and VMware, so my question may seem very basic to you but I need help:
I am taking TD University Course "45142 - Create and Reuse Standardized Mapping Documentation using Teradata Mapping Manager".
I already installed TMM and also have downloaded and unzipped the "TD Express 14.0 VMware player" and now have the folder 

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Not able to attch extra 100 GB disk in aws image Topic by prashant.katare 24 May 2013 cloud, teradata, AWS

      I was trying to install Teradata(Teradata Express (ami-99f65af0)) on aws its installing properly and working fine but it’s have only 76GB disk space and i want more than 100 GB disk space.
when I add extra disk (200GB) in this Teradata goes shutdown.It shows below message after pdestate -a

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Unable to get Express 14.0 to run on VMWare server Topic by JJCrum 03 Apr 2013

I was able to download, unpack, and start the Express 14.0 VM using VMWare Player.  However, when our administrators try to get it to run on VMWare ESX they can't get it to start.  Will Express only run in VMWare Player?

2 replies, 8 years ago
Questionnaire: User's Trust in Cloud Computing Topic by ahd 06 Jan 2012

I'm working on evaluating user's trust in cloud computint. I've designed a questionnire for doing so. please help me fill this questionnaire. I'll be so grateful.

this is the questionnaire address:

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