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The Cloud Computing forum is dedicated to topics and products related to the Teradata Enterprise Analytics Cloud™, such as Teradata Express for VMware and Agile Analytics. Or just post your thoughts and comments about Cloud computing and how it relates to Data Warehousing in general.

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Creating a VM version of older TD Release to restore old backups Topic by philxbates 30 Apr 2014

I'm trying to restore old backups from V2R6 and cannot do that on our 14.0 system.
We would like to create a VM version of TD 13 on some available Linux servers and then restore the old tapes there.
I would like to know if anyone else has attempted something similiar and and advice you may have ?
Thank You,

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TD-14 VM Ware Issue Topic by M.Saeed Khurram 01 Dec 2013 TD-14, VM Ware

I have downloaded the TDExpress14.10.00.02_Sles11_40GB.7z.  I was trying to run it using VM ware player, At first attempt it runs fine in a GUI mode, but once I restarted it, It reboted in command mode instead of GUI. I have trtied it many times and each time it doesnt work after restart.
If anyone else has faced this issue before, please let me know.

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TDExpress14.10.00.02_Sles11_40GB.7z TD Topic by doniafekry 28 Mar 2014 TD Express 14.0 VMware player

I've downloaded TDExpress14.10.00.02_Sles11_40GB.7z and i powered it on but it askes for a login name and password which i don't know!!! can anyone help me?


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Teradata on Amazon RDS Topic by Raja_KT 14 Apr 2014

Anyone can pass an info if  Td is  configurable on Amazon RDS?

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Trustworthy cloud computing service? Topic by DjNightRider 01 Apr 2014 cloud computing

Hi everybody.

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Problems accessing Teradata Express 14.10 guest from a windows 8.1 host Topic by gregbowman 29 Mar 2014 VMware Teradata Express 14, network issues

I am trying to access the TD14.10 guest with Studio Express 14.10 on the host. The connection fails.
ifconfig on guest shows inet addr is
pinging from the host results in all requests timing out.
The guest network adapter is set up as NAT

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problem connecting to Teradata Express from another VM Guest Topic by AndreNL 01 Sep 2013

I have a problem connecting with Teradata Studio to the Teradata Express database.
My configuration is:
Host machine with Windows 7 (64 bit), with VMWare Player 5 and two VM guests:
- VM Guest with TDExpress14.0.3_Sles10_40GB (Teradata Express database on Linux)

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Teradata Initiator Service failed with 4 exit code Topic by james 01 Feb 2011

Hello - having a problem starting TDE-V (TD13, 1TB).

In my SLES guest I get the following errors when attempting to start TD with the "/etc/init.d/tpa start" command:

# /etc/init.d/tpa start
# Teradata Initiator Service starting...
recond[10684]: CRITICAL: TdatTools 29003 #nodeDiscovery(): blli_get_node_list(): g->connectedNodes: -1, errno: 2
Teradata Initiator Service failed with 4 exit code

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Teradata Express for VMware Player Are Downloads Working ? Topic by newb1 07 Mar 2014 teradata, express, vmware, Player

I've been trying to download the TDE for VMware (4GB). Its not downloading. Are they unavailable at present. Are the VMware versions of Teradata Express for 64 bit the only option? They seem to be problem prone.

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Teradata DBMS is in bad state in TD Express 12 images (40GB as 1TB) Topic by alain.charroux 27 Sep 2010 td express 12

I have just downloaded TD Express 12 images (40GN and 1TB) ( Teradata Release & DBMS

Both has the same problem right from the beginning :
Logon is possible but when I am trying to create any table, I get the error message :
*** Failure 3620 Cannot create nonfallback table 'ALAIN' with AMP down.
Statement# 1, Info =0

When I am doing some checks with ampload, I get :

Vproc Rel. Node Msg AWT Availability
No. Vproc# ID Count Count

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Cloud & Big Data Boot Camp Topic by Jagatha 20 Feb 2014 cloud, big data, cloud computing

Cloud and Big Data has potential to create million new opportunities in building systems, solutions, apps, API’s, consulting, staffing and more. has planned to conduct “Cloud & Big Data Boot Camp” on February 22, 2014. Partake in this event to understand the landscape of new job market and start the journey in the emerging technologies.

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Cloud, Mobile & Big Data Business Conference Topic by Jagatha 20 Feb 2014 cloud computing, cloud, mobile, big data

Cloud, Mobile and Big Data has potential to create multibillion new economy in building systems, solutions, apps, API’s, consulting, staffing and more. has associated with Tie to conduct “Cloud, Mobile & Big Data Business Conference” on Feb 21, 2014. Join us to tap this opportunity to create more jobs and start the journey in the emerging technologies.

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How do I get TTU to work with Teradata Express for VMware? Topic by richdryan 11 Feb 2014

Greetings all,
I've downloaded and installed TDE for VMware w/viewpoint(40GB) on WinXP Pro; both Studio Express and Viewpoint are working.

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Under WinXP Pro SP3, is installing > 4 GB RAM useful for running Teradata Express for VMware? Topic by richdryan 10 Feb 2014

WinXP Pro SP3 won't be able to use the extra RAM, but could the virtual machine benefit from the extra memory being that it's a 64-bit environment?

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Teradata Express AMP DOWN Topic by markhunter 29 May 2013

I am running Teradata Express 13.0.  I am trying to run queries against the database and I get the error message that the AMP is down.
I have checked the database state using PDESTATE-a and all is good.
I have then checked the AMPs using vprocgdo and VPROC #0 is in FATAL status.
Can anyone tell me how to repair this VPROC state back to ONLINE??

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Cloud, Mobile and Big Data - Tech Seminar - Feb-08-2014 Topic by Jagatha 25 Jan 2014 cloud computing, big data, mobile, seminar, tech

Cloud, Mobile and Big Data become the latest trend in today’s technology world. It is essential to stay up to date with these hot tech skills. organizes a free tech seminar on the topic “Cloud, Mobile & Big Data”. It will be nice opportunity to gather knowledge about Amazon Web Services, Enterprise Mobility and Big Data
Date: February 08, 2014 (Saturday)

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Need software link to download Topic by praveen_reddy 22 Jan 2014

Hi All,
I am using windows 7 professional service pack 1, 32 BIT operating system. I need to practice TD. Can any one pls help me where i can download software for this. Can i go for Vm ware ????

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Installing TDWM on Teradata VM Topic by monisiqbal 27 Aug 2012 tdwm, vm

In non-VM Teradata we used to have the 'Teradata Dynamic Workload Manager' setup in the 'Teradata Tools and Utilities' media.
The Teradata VM for Linux consists of a prepackaged Teradata installation where I could not find TDWM nor any way to configure/install it. Any idea on how to proceed?
FYI: We are using Teradata 13 VM 40Gb

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Fortran needed on Teradata Express 14.10 VM (SLES11-SP1) Topic by Alexander K 06 Jan 2014

Downloaded the image "TDExpress14.10.00.02_Sles11_40GB.7z" (TEVM) and ran it under VMware fine; well done for the good work.

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VMWARE and TD 14.10 Topic by Raja_KT 31 Dec 2013

I collect information  from here , to install  TD 14.10 in my new laptop. I got these two links:


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Certified Apache Hadoop Developer Class Room Training Topic by anjaliunicom 03 Jan 2014


UNICOM is running Hadoop Developer Classroom Training in Bangalore , Delhi and Hyderabad.

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Elastic Data Mart Analytic Topic by Raja_KT 03 Jan 2014

I feel that  Elastic Data Mart Analytic may help or replace  part of  Agile Methodology in DWH in  the future for an on-going project.
I am not sure of enhancements.

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Need urgent help on configuration Topic by Raja_KT 21 Dec 2013

I am buying a new laptop very urgently as I need to surrender my current laptop. I need to install TTU 14.10 in the new laptop.

I chose this Lenovo laptop with this configuration below. The OS is Windows 8 , home basic. I am being told that there is no guarantee

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TD Express 14.0.3 on ESX Topic by sneidinger 04 Dec 2013 teradata express

After converting the TD Express VM Player image into an VMware ESX environment, the database won't start. Log messages complain about 'unable to open' devices:

Teradata[3622]: INFO: Teradata: 15043 #Unable to open device /dev/sdc1 DUID=0xUNKNOWN: error 2
Teradata[3622]: INFO: Teradata: 15043 #Unable to open device /dev/sdb1 DUID=0xUNKNOWN: error 2

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SAP AG,Siebel,, Microsoft CRM,Amdocs -cloud service Topic by Raja_KT 03 Dec 2013

Hi ,
I know few of these -SAP AG,Siebel,, Microsoft CRM,Amdocs have cloud service. May I know which of these work well with AEDW?
Thanks and regards,

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