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23 Dec 2014
VMWare Workstation 11 shared folders not working

I just upgraded to VMWare 11, and shared folders stopped working for SUSE 10 and 11 Teradata Express VM's.  VMWare tech support is telling me to patch SUSE.  I have another post about patching SUSE.  Does anyone have a fix for this?

Garrett Sienkiewicz
jwh_ws 15 posts Joined 04/11
01 Mar 2015

Years ago I used shared folders in the VM, but have abandoned them after some issue like you're facing.
Instead I use this simple ftp server app:
FTP client is configured on the Express VM's but the problem is that setting up FTP server on the host is a hassle and has issues too.  When you run this app everything works like magic. 

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