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mm185159 21 posts Joined 03/11
18 Nov 2014
Viewpoint URL ? IP address in TD Express 15 / 14.10 ???

Cant find any help on what the Viewpoint server IP addres is within the VM Instance of TD 15 w/Viewpoint. I have been able to find the instance IP and have set up a cop entry in the /etc/hosts file and can connect using TD Studio Express. I have also been able to start the Viewpoint service using the included .png program. In all the Viewpoint documentation it says to connect to the Viewpoint server using "Viewpoint" or the IP address, however, no where can I find what that IP address is. Has anyone done this yet?
FYI: I posted a similar thread in the Viewpoint forum without a response....
Mike M.

mm185159 21 posts Joined 03/11
18 Nov 2014

So, I take it no one has even tried to use Viewpoint in the TDXpress for VMware versions.  Where can one go to get an answer from what is called an "unsuported" product" when no one in the forums has any answers?
I guess I'll try the connectivity forum next....

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
19 Nov 2014

It's standard http port 80 on the same IP as the database instance.
Be sure the service is running. From the linux command line: /etc/init.d/viewpoint status
See the Viewpoint Configuration Guide for more information.
Also be sure you meet or exceed the recommendations for CPU / memory allocated to the VM. Otherwise it will take a very long time to initialize.

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