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JJCrum 8 posts Joined 06/07
03 Apr 2013
Unable to get Express 14.0 to run on VMWare server

I was able to download, unpack, and start the Express 14.0 VM using VMWare Player.  However, when our administrators try to get it to run on VMWare ESX they can't get it to start.  Will Express only run in VMWare Player?

B_Rock 2 posts Joined 04/12
15 May 2013

If you use vmware converter you can convert the image from player to esx / esxi. I have done this with TDE 14.0 and ESXi 5.1.

Mikec 28 posts Joined 03/09
15 May 2013

While this is indeed possible (and has been done by a number of customers) you may find that the "Evaluation and Demonstration" provisions of the Teradata Express License may not be sufficient to address Development and QA use cases. Express is also typically a point release ( with a very specific 2 AMP configuration. To address some of these issues we are currently working on new product called Teradata Virtual Machine Edition for VMWare server, which is specifically designed for use in the VMWare ESX environment (watch for a release announcement on DevX soon).  

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