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04 Nov 2014
Unable to create Teradata Connection Profile in VMWARE Image to start TD StudioExpress Sql Assistant



Hi All,

Request you all to please help me on connecting my Td SQL Assistant.

I have Windows 8 64 bit Laptop and have successfully installed Vmware Player with TDExpress14.0.3_Sles10_4GB.

I am able to connect bteq but I want to connect to TD Sql Assistant which i think needs an ODBC Driver.

Please correct me if I am wrong so instead of SQL Assistant I can use TD Studio Express installed in Vmware.


But to use that I have to create Teradata Connection Profile which has by default Teradata Embedded JDBC Driver.

But I dont have credential of DatabaseServer Name,User Name, Password to create a new Connection


As it was mentioned in case of Bteq and Td viewpoint so I was able to connect it.


Any help would be really appreciable.







rupert160 131 posts Joined 09/10
03 Sep 2015

drop into the virtual machine, and on a root prompt execute:

ifconfig eth0 | sed -n '/inet addr:/s/.*inet addr:\([^ ]\+\)\s.*/\1/p'

that'll give you the address of the machine you need to connect to from your host system. All ports are visible to you if your running the system locally.
open ports on the system can be found with:

netstat -letpn


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