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23 Feb 2016
Teradata Express 15 VMware connection issues

Currently, I am in an engineering company and I downloaded Teradata Express 15 to do some load testing. The VM is on a bridged network setting.
I can run the local database within the VM, and when I check if the server is running by pdestate -a it shows that everything is ok and that Logons are enabled.
I am on a windows host system (which i found via ifconfig) and I can ping the VM IP address on my host. However, when I try to conenct to the VM database (i.e. dbc), it's a no go. When I do it via bteq on my host I get WARNING: RDBMS CRASHED OR SESSIONS RESET.
When I try connecting in SQLA via .NET, I get the following error: [115025] Could not resolve data source to an available node after 1 attempts. [10061] System.Net.SocketException....
I just want to connect to my VM database on my windows host, but I can't. I've tried almost everything, but I can't get this to work. Everything looks setup and as I said before my host can ping the VM IP, but I STILL CAN'T CONNECT! Please help!
also- I can't connect to my internet within my VM. Don't know if that's an issue as well.

jking108 4 posts Joined 05/15
23 Feb 2016

Hey all, I think I  fixed the problem. Within the Teradata Express VM, I opened YaST2 and used the network setup method. I then edited my VMware Single Port adapter. This enabled the DHCP. If you choose the automatic address setup (via DHCP) it should configure and give you a new IP address (you then need to go to "ifconfig" to check the new IP". I then was able to use this IP address to connect to my VM on the host. Now bteq and SQLA (on my host machine) can logon to the guest VM database.
 I also I realize VMnet0 is your bridged connection, however, my host isn't showing a VMnet0 at all... I wonder if this is an issue... So I'm investigating this further. Please comment if you know why.
I'm still unable to connect to the internet, but as long as I can connect to my VM dbc, it'll suffice. Please comment if you have any other ideas or options that might help.

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