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tleverette 1 post Joined 06/09
26 Mar 2013
TD Express 14 download uncompress error

I downloaded the TD Express 40GB zip file fine. Windows gave me an error 0x80004005 (unspecified error) when I tried to extract the contents using Windows Explorer (Win 7 Ultimate sp1). WinZip however, extracted the contents with no error. Has anyone else experienced this issue? If so, TDE could save users hours of troubleshooting this problem by 1. providing a file that can be unzipped by Win Explorer OR 2. clearly stating on the download page that Win Explorer may not uncompress the file.
Thanks, Tom

Tom Leverette Project Manager

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
27 Mar 2013

Hi Tom,
this has always been a problem of Microsoft, they still had a 2GB limit for zipped files and the error was not "this is too large for me" it was always some "this file is corrupt" or whatever. Yet i didn't know it's still there in Win7, maybe Win8 will fix it, never been a problem on my Mac :-)
AFAIK there used to be some info regarding this, maybe they changed it for 14 :-(


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